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Kes is eighteen years old and lives in Hackney. Since he was eleven, Kes has been stop and searched by the police roughly 30 times.

Pagan is a short film that follows Kes as he tells his own story, and speaks to the police, lawyers and CCTV operators about stop and search.

The film will be launched on 31st August 2012 at Dalston Eastern Curve / V22.

An Exhibition will be held on Thursday 9th August 2012 @ Art Against Knives unit in Boxpark.

Hackney is rapidly becoming a tale of two cities. For many young people the borough is a haven of arts, culture and fashion where everyone is free to be themselves. But for Kes, and thousands who grew up here, most of the area is simply off-limits.

Almost all of Hackney has been claimed by one gang or another as territory, and though most people have no idea where the borders lie, for Kes these invisible lines dictate where he goes and what he does in the place he calls home.

Instead of being able to turn to the police as a protective force, young black people like Kes are thirty times more likely to be stop-and-searched than white people, so the presence of officers on the streets only makes Kes feel less safe.

Hackney has been simmering with discontent as young people find themselves on the wrong side of both the police, and increasing social inequality. Last year's riots saw the borough reach boiling point.

We want the police to take responsibility for bridging that gap by better understanding the young people they encounter; to protect and connect with them before they suspect them.


tell us your own experiences of being stop-and-searched.

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